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Gustavo Martins

Guos Design
Graphic Designer
Natal (Rio Grande do Norte)
Hey there! I'm a graphic designer and Design College Student. I've been always motivated for creativity and knowledge, and was in the design that I found my delightment to create new possibilities. A few years ago I discovered my intense appreciation for the graphic and digital fields and, since then, I continue to work in these areas, not only as something I love to do, but also as my way of contributing to a more just world. After all, design is in everything! Through experiences with the area, I have managed to reach new opportunities and constantly seek to improve what I propose to do. I appreciate art and culture, and I bring them as inspiration for all my projects. I am passionate about creating meaningful visual identities that carry unique experiences. For, behind every experience, there is a story. And, through design, I believe that we can tell it with a lot of harmony and creativity. So, let's spread the design word to all over the world! You can find me also on Linkedin.