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Senno ecto gammat!

im a giggling workaholic circle .. but acts like a square.... and sometimes a triangle ..but more oriented to being a squiggle!

I get quoted for understanding life's greatest mysteries and other things that are so obvious :P

A twin dork with multiple facets of intuitive abilities that has the secret desire of being a house wife. A wallflower of desires that grows effortlessly every day and flakes off when it gets too serious. Wants and needs someone who likes variety but also must be the best friend I never asked for who will be dependable when needed and can take all the loving, smothering, and the high versatility of the Gemini nature. Venturesome and often seen as a cold-hearted thorn in the heart. It will require tons of patience and the pure shield of delusion to win the happiness of this little girl mind-FULL heart.