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Loren Javier

Currently Self Employed
Templeton, California
Don't get me wet, keep me away from bright lights and never, ever feed me after midnight...

I guess I like to consider myself a happy-go-lucky kinda person with a touch of melancholy thrown into the mix every blue moon. Many people think of me as young at heart. Others think of me as creative. I just don't get people who can't see the joy on a gumball machine or browsing a Sanrio store. I love to sing while I work...or, when I'm in the car...or a store...or in the shower. Eh, I like to sing anywhere. I'm an avid comic book collector (my living room looks like a comic book store). I have a love for all things pop culture and kitsch. I love my dogs dearly. I love researching mythology and folklore. I'm a liberal Democrat who hates conservatives with a passion. I'm pro-choice. I'm gay. I'm Filipino American. And that's all I can think of now.