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Mark Hall

Guess you could say, I've had careers less-ordinary.  I received my BSE in Metallurgy and Mining from the University of Kentucky in 1982, and my MS in Metallurgy and Mining from UC Berkely in 1985.  Prof. Jim Evans was my advisor when I was in the Metallurgy program at UCB.  Afterwards, for a variety of reasons, I started a doctorate in Anthropology (Archaeology emphasis).  I received my PhD in Anthropology from UC Berkeley in December 1992.  Prof. Ruth Tringham was my adviser, and my dissertation review committee consisted of Prof. James Anderson, Prof. Jim Evans, and Prof. Ruth Tringham.  Though not on my committee, I did receive a lot of feedback from Prof. Carol Clover and Prof. Geoff Koziol.

Since the fall of 2017, I've been a Field Manager for the Black Rock Field Office of the Winnemucca District BLM.  Also, the Authorized Officer for the Burning Man Event.  I landed in Winnemucca in 2010 when I accepted a job as an archaeologist/Native American Coordinator.  Before that, over the years, I've worked in the metals and aerospace industries, and in museums both in the US and Japan.  I've been lucky enough to have the opportunities to do archaeological field research in Ireland, Iraq, California and Nevada, Japan and Mongolia. 

Over the years, I've generally ended up researching whatever interested me at the time. Thus, that is why there is no one clear cut geographic or temporal focus. When I got bored or the funding ran out, then I moved on to some other topic. Right now my focus is writing up a bunch of old research, working on characterizing some of the new sources of obsidian discovered in the district, taking a look at some old pollen cores from the Great Basin using a Bayesian methodology, and looking at the utility of open access satellite imagery in aiding land use decisions.

In terms of comics, fiction, and fandom, I've been reading comics since a pre-teen.  Favorite genre writers: Robert E. Howard, H. P. Lovecraft, Neil Gaiman, Ramsey Campbell, and Clark Ashton Smith to name a few.  Former lead editor of THE DARK MAN: THE JOURNAL OF ROBERT E. HOWARD AND PULP-FICTION STUDIES.