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How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Well, that can't be answered unless you first answer this:

Can a woodchuck chuck wood? If so, at what rate, in chips per second, can a woodchuck chuck wood? At what point would the woodchuck's tree disintegrate under the strain of perpetual chucking? If a tree falls in a forest due to a deaf woodchuck chucking it, and no one's around to hear it (thus the DEAF woodchuck), does it make a sound? If so, how many decibels can a woodchuck make if he chucks at the rate assumed above? What happens when a female woodchuck chucks on by? At what rate does the population of woodchucks grow in relation to the trees being chucked? At what point will the population of woodchucks exhaust the population of trees? At what point would each individual woodchuck exhaust itself? How much wood would have been chucked at that time?

Explain your answer. :P